Forkin Good is not your typical restaurant or cafe. We're a family establishment that prides itself on creating amazingly fresh, healthy, and organic meals that are not only interesting and flavorful, but are also good for our customers. So come on in, sit down, enjoy yourself, and join our family. We love our Uptown Whittier Community.

VIew the Menu

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Chef Denise Portillo has created a special restaurant in the middle of vintage Uptown Whittier that specializes in the modern American classics with a touch of hispanic, healthy flair.

At Forkin Good, Chef Denise's food is a vibrant dining experience that tantalizes the senses by paying special attention to mouth-watering flavors and presentation. Even more so? She does it in a healthy, organic way with a focus on family and community.

"My mission is to create a delicious culinary experience which focus on families eating together." - Chef Denise Portillo


At Forkin Good, you can always enjoy our special Ponte coffee, with your everyday coffee classics like espresso and iced beverages, but you an also give some our amazing latin flavors a try, such as our Horchata or Churro Lattes.

Additionally, we serve vibrant, healthy inspired versions of breakfast and lunch classics. From frittatas to burritos to omelettes with chorizo, we've got a little bit of something for everyone.

We also provide catering services, private event space, and provide healthy meal delivery options (beginning Jan 2016).